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Rigito Schutzwand by Riversidesandbrother
Rigito Schutzwand

• Full Name: Rigito Schutzwand
• Factions: Ark Ascension

• Level : 10

• Rank: Dreadnought

• Class: Wielder, Survivor

• Special Characteristic: *Wearing big halberd with a defensive capabilities. Wearing full armor with red cloak. Have loudly footstep because of his heavy armor. Have a gentle voice.

• Age:  325

• Gender: Male

• Birth Date : 31 December (The day the scientist found him)

• Height : 195cm

• Weight : 80kg

• Species: Humanoid

• Likes: Punishing people with wrath, Money, Power, Law, His own judgement

• Dislikes: Bounty hunter, outlaw, arrogant people, strong people, ER faction

• Personality: Tend to less forgiving, Vengeful person, , Malevolent, Cunning,Romantic

• Ability:


1. Rage strike:
Using his anger and his opponent anger energy into his halberd to attack enemies blindly, not accurate but a deadly blow.

2. Turtle Shield:
Turn His halberd into a spiky impenetrable shield blocking any physical damage except magic damage

3. Hate Release:
Release a hateful magical aura that focuses all of his opponent hatred on him, and making them to attack him at all cost.



1. Dragoon jump:
Focuses all his might to his leg and making him can jump 10 times greater than a normal human

2.Turtle stance:
Make his movement and attack speed lower to make his regeneration cell become faster and hardening his body.

3.Vengeful lust: Physical ability to sense when someone on nearly death, he can sense someone who is nearly dying and tracking down his opponent to radius of 3km


• Special Ability: The Last Stand: can be only activated when near death. Rigito let the core force on his body overwhelming rendering him to withstand any attack without harm for 1 minute, during the last stand he can’t attack and immovable.

• Background story: Rigito Schutzwand from renowed royal family, his family murdered by bounty hunter, survive from the last blink event, he wandered on the earth for 300 years seeking for revenge. The scientist found him badly wounded on the earth, losing almost all of his memory, he just remember one thing, “Revenge for his family”. The scientist make advantage for his vengeful personality and make him valuable asset for them. Realizing he just used for experiment, instead run from facility he let the scientist to make him powerful by inserting core inside his body and make the armor for him. Fearing of his power the AA faction make him one of the most feared war general. He still searching the man who had feather tied on the hair to kill him, lately he claiming Rieze Xetrov Ruzgar as the murderer and hunt him down on earth though he has no evidence that Rieze who killed his family.

• I-PET: Ark App Sheet I Pet-Caesar

• Miscellaneous Information:

- He loves sleep

- He loves tea

- He can put down his armor while sleeping.

- Even though having vengeful personality Rigito can be found kind to the people he loves.

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